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Preschool research strongly indicates that smaller class sizes are associated with greater educational effectiveness and other benefits. In smaller classes, children are more likely to be engaged, take greater initiative, exert more effort, and are more attentive. Conversely, children in small preschool classes are less likely to be withdrawn and less likely to disrupt class. Small classes allow teachers to spend more time supporting children’s interests
, explorations, and problem solving skills. When there are fewer children in the class teachers can more closely mediate children’s social interactions and language development. Finally students in small classes experience health and safety benefits as well. (Larger groups are associated with higher rates of infections and greater risk of injury.) Treasures To Grow On Preschool is committed to keeping class sizes small. There are 8 children in our T

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,Th Junior class (age 2 1/2+). There are 10 children in our MWF Senior class (age 3 1/2+). There are 12 children in our M-Th Beginner-garten class (age 4 1/2+). Two teachers are present in all classes making our Teacher to Child ratio the best around.

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