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Policies and Procedures

Admissions criteria

Children must meet the age requirement and be fully potty trained (able to independently handle their bathroom needs). Parents are required to:

  1. Read the Student Handbook
  2. Submit payment of the enrollment/activity fee by cash, check or money order made out to Treasures To Grow On, Inc.
  3. Complete, sign, and return the application form and the white child information card (prior to school starting)
  4. Make an appointment for their child to have a physical to update (or waive) immunizations and have the medical form completed and signed by a physician. Medical forms must also be signed by the parent, and turned in within the first two weeks of classes.

School year calendar

Classes will begin after the Labor Day holiday and end before the Memorial Day holiday. Within this span of time, three weeks will be taken off for Christmas and Spring breaks. Vacations will coincide with the St. Johns Public School calendar. Tuition credits will not be given for absences due to illness and travel, or for cancellations due to inclement weather.

Drop-off and pick-up

Parents are asked to be prompt when dropping off their child (not more than 5 minutes early) and picking up their child (not more than 5 minutes late). If it is necessary on occasion to bring a child early, or pick a child up late, arrangements must be made in advance. The school reserves the right to charge parents who habitually pick their child up late, at a rate of $1 per minute for each minute beyond the 5-minute grace period. The same rate applies to parents who habitually drop their child off more than 5 minutes early. (See “meeting times” on the previous page.)

Withdrawal procedures

  • Parental decision to withdraw – Written notification is required at least two weeks in advance of a child’s withdrawal from the program. Tuition will be charged for two weeks after withdrawal notification, whether or not the child remains in the program for the entire two-week period.
  • Administrative withdrawal – If it is necessary for the school to withdraw a child, two weeks written notice will be given. Tuition will be charged only for the actual time the child remains in the program within the two-week period.